Custom Workshops & Webinars

Workshops are an engaging way to improve the quality, effectiveness, and overall performance of your team. Each workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of your group and customized to provide a memorable and interactive learning experience. Ranging from 30-90 minutes in length, workshops can be delivered virtually or on-site. 

If you have an idea, let's connect about co-creating a workshop to support the development of your team, staff or organization.

Keynote Speaker

"Great communicators reach your head and touch your heart." My love for story-telling, talent for word-smithing and knack for well-timed humor allows me to connect with audiences with an authenticity that resonates. If you're looking for a speaker to add value to your next meeting, event, training or retreat, let's connect about creating a memorable experience for your audience.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Betsy as a coach, friend, colleague, and now professional. Her dynamic presentation style is both informative and engaging and one that makes everyone in the room feel alive. Betsy can seamlessly transform the art of communication into many “Ah-ha’s” whether it be with a team of athletes or a group of executives.
— Megan Kahn - Executive Director of WeCOACH

Recent Workshop & Webinar Topics

 "CHAMPIONSHIP COMMUNICATION": Improving the success of your program starts with improving communication at all levels of team. Interactive skill-building session to master the art of communication.

"LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION": The language of leadership and how to respond instead of react, ask great questions, skillfully navigate difficult conversations and generate accountability.

"REFRAME: SMALL SHIFTS FOR BIG IMPACT": Working session with participants on using language to remove barriers, foster connection, improve culture, and strengthen team connectivity.

"CONFRONTATION FOR CONNECTION": Collaborative work on how to engage in difficult conversations for improved relationships. 

“A SEASON OF GRATITUDE”: Gratitude is always in season - learn how gratitude is a choice, a matter of perspective, a skill, and a competitive advantage in any arena.

“CHAMPIONSHIP SOUP”: Building upon the foundation for any team or organization that has read John Gordon’s "Soup". 

“HELLO, MY NAME IS ____: RETHINKING THE WAY YOU NETWORK”: Networking skills and communication techniques to make a memorable impression. 

“CONNECTING IN THE CLASSROOM”: Helping educators improve the learning environment by cultivating strategies to excel in connective communication inside the classroom, and beyond!

Having Betsy work with our team has been one of the greatest decisions we’ve made. Her clear understanding of the importance of communication both on and off the court has challenged our players to not only talk to each other in a different way, but cultivated a greater desire to listen to one another. I’m convinced that her teachings will result in a more successful and beneficial season.
— Phil Sayers, Associate Head Coach, Grand Valley State Women's Basketball (5 months later GVS advanced to the 2016 DII Women's Basketball Final Four)