Winning with Words: Championship Communication for Coaches


Your preview includes the intro video and outline for all 12 modules, plus 6 FREE lessons from the over 100 videos in the course. 

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Winning with Words: Championship Communication for Coaches COURSE PREVIEW


PREVIEW features include:

  • Course Introduction Videos and Outlines for all 12 Modules
  • "The Secret to Winning" (specific language for greater success)
  • Removing context as a barrier to communication
  • The "Future + Positive + Productive" framework for success
  • The "Loser" vs. "Learner" example of how we can use language to facilitate growth and development
  • An email exercise that improves communication (and doubles as a safety net)
  • A reminder about what we coaches never seem to get enough of... (it's not wine, but good guess)
YES! Let's Do This!

Welcome, Coach!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving the quality of the student-athlete experience while generating greater success for your program.

Communication is essential to every aspect of coaching, and when our communication improves, so does everything else! The language of leadership is spoken by skilled communicators, and Winning with Words: Championship Communication for Coaches will teach you how to use language for greater success...

  • with individual student-athletes, your team, parents, staff, and administrators
  • when facilitating meetings, giving instructions, and sharing feedback
  • while having difficult conversations, facing failure/adversity, and supporting injured athletes
  • with generational communication ("kids these days")
  • while building meaningful relationships and making small shifts to immediately improve your effectiveness as a coach