Winning with Words: Championship Communication for Coaches

DEPARTMENTAL LICENSE for the Classic Edition

Featuring over 100 videos, downloadable worksheets, additional resources to further Coach development, module assessments to test comprehension, and exclusive access to the Ask Betsy online forum.

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Winning with Words: Championship Communication for Coaches DEPARTMENTAL LICENSE

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Originally $3,998 your DEPARTMENTAL license includes:

  • Individual course access for all current coaches (and new hires before September 1, 2021)
  • Course Introduction
  • The Secret to Winning
  • Winning with Communication Barriers
  • Winning with Individual Student-Athletes
  • Winning with Your Team 
  • Winning with Instructions
  • Winning with Failure & Adversity
  • Winning with Feedback
  • Winning with Difficult Conversations
  • Winning with Individual & Team Meetings
  • Winning with Building Relationships (Recruiting)
  • Winning with Parents
  • Winning with Small Shifts
  • Course Close & Action Steps
  • Worksheets and References to Further Coach Development
  • Assessment Questions to Test Skill Comprehension
  • Course Completion Certificate 
  • Exclusive Access to the "Ask Betsy" Online Forum
YES! I want to invest in my Coaches!

CLASSIC gives your coaches comprehensive skill development for Championship Communication

For Athletic Directors who understand the role communication plays in student-athlete success and are intentional about helping their coaches to learn...

  • A simple, proven communication shift to increase the success of your programs
  • How understanding various barriers to effective communication allows coaches to quickly identify them when they occur, and better avoid them in the future 
  • How to better connect with today's student-athletes while increasing accountability, minimizing complaints, and improving the quality of their experience
  • How language can facilitate greater success for your programs and how coaches can help their teams become self-generating and self-correcting while creating a positive learning environment 
  • How to get and hold the attention of your student-athletes while concisely saying everything they need to know in a way that increases engagement
  • What to say when a student-athlete fails and how to use language to change a student-athlete's relationship with failure and adversity
  • How to deliver feedback in a way that is clear, concise, and candid and what student-athletes can do to actively participate in their development using the feedback provided
  • How you can leave someone open to hearing what you have to say (even when it may be difficult to hear), and what it looks like to engage in conflict and confrontation in a way that builds trust
  • Options for where and when to meet with student-athletes, plus strategies for greater participation and how to ensure everyone leaves a meeting on the same page
  • A technique for starting to hear "yes" more often than "no", and simple conversational shifts to create stronger relationships 
  • How to set your coaches up for success with parents and how to engage with parents when they become confrontational
  • Small, controllable things coaches can do today to improve their communication with everyone and their ability as a coach

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BJ Kuntz - WIAA Assistant Executive Director

"I'm thrilled to share my admiration for the course Betsy developed. Her ability to capture the heart of coaches' desire to win while using language that positively impacts the student-athlete experience is evident in every aspect of this course.

If this course was available when I was an Athletic Director, it would be a part of onboarding for all of my coaches and a continuing education component.

Betsy knocked this course out of the park."

YES! I want to invest in my Coaches!