Yoda and a Grain of Sand

“And suddenly, that was all I could see.”

Lately I’ve come to believe it is no coincidence that Yoga and Yoda are so close in spelling. Some of my favorite yoga instructors sound like wise sages imparting bits of wisdom while they look at my downward dog and think, “Mmm, flexible you are not.”

One morning our class was led by a petite older man named Simbai. While he wasn’t green and wrinkly, he was very Yoda-like in his instruction: speaking little while masterfully guiding the force within us. At the conclusion of our practice he told us a story about the time he visited the Grand Canyon.

“I looked out over the expanse and was so moved by the incredible beauty.” he said. “To think that water and time had created this gigantic thing of wonder.”

“As I marveled at the view, a gust of wind blew a little bit of sand into my eye.” He winked and winced now to mimic the irritation that he felt.

“I cursed, and rubbed, and cured some more. Damn you, grain of sand!!” he bellowed.

“And suddenly, that was all I could see. Here I was on the edge of this Grand Canyon, and my entire focus had instantly been reduced to a tiny speck in my eye. I laughed, wondering how often I let something small take my attention away from all the good that surrounds me.”

“Maybe the sand in your eye is a person, or a situation, or a negative thought… Whatever it is, don’t let the little things keep you from seeing the beauty that is your life.”

[Aligns chakras. Walks off mat.]

Enjoy the long weekend my friends, and may the force of a larger perspective be with you.