The Most Important Choice

“What if she doesn’t see the value?”

“What if she thinks it’s too expensive?”

“What if she says no?”

It’s 7:52 am and these were the thoughts that ran through my mind as I stood in the shower.

I was anxious for a very important phone call with the athletic director at a major university. She was interested in my communication workshop and this would be the call where I could potentially be hired. 

While massaging L’oreal’s Rosemary Juniper shampoo into my hair (which admittedly smells amazing!) I thought of all the ways in which I might need to defend my workshop and expertise.

Mid-rinse I realized that I was preparing for the worst; that ALL my thoughts were negative. 

I stopped rinsing, closed my eyes and thought,

“Come on Bets… only positive thoughts…only positive thoughts…”

That’s when it hit me.

Only. Positive. Thoughts. = O.P.T. and right then I could choose to “opt in” to positivity and change the way I thought about the upcoming call. 

“She’s gonna love it!”

“It will be fun to talk with someone who understands the value of investing in communication and wants to better her department.”

“This is just a conversation, not a sale. There’s nothing I need to do except show up and be myself.”

I opted in to positive thinking and not only did the athletic director say yes, she asked if I could do three workshops instead of just one.

Lately I’ve been conscious of the fact that we often forget that we have a choice. At any moment we can OPT IN to changing our thoughts, our attitude, our reactions to what life offers up.

Enjoy the weekend and remember,


you decide.