it doesn't work unless... (2 min read)

8:12am - notices battery at 41%. plugs phone into power strip.
9:47am - notices battery at 34%. turns power strip on.
I laugh at myself often, and this morning was no exception! I hadn’t had coffee yet, but as I turned the power strip on I thought, “Geez, how often do we do this?!”
I was plugged in, but I wasn’t turned on.
(… come on out of the gutter. I’ll wait.)
What I mean is how often are we doing what we’re supposed to do – at work, or while driving, or while listening to a friend - without really tuning in? How often are we physically present, but not connected?
Just like my phone, connecting recharges our batteries; it gives us more of what we need to power through the day. 

Let's flip the switch ;)