For Your Future Self

Having just finished facilitating a webinar I sat at my desk trying to motivate myself to go ride the bike. It sounded something like this,

“Seriously, Bets? You taught spin for SEVEN YEARS! 45-minute classes, sometimes back-to-back, and you can’t go ride for 20 minutes?”

It was a solid point.

I wondered how that could be - that I could teach for so long and now struggled to find the motivation to head to the gym. Wondering was, debatably, another form of procrastination, but the conclusion I came to was this;

Teaching classes was for other people. This was just for me.

That was the difference, but spin wasn’t the only area of life where this rang true.

I admittedly have a history of showing up for others yet failing, at times, to show up for myself. If someone needs me, I’m there. But when I’ve needed me, I can’t say I've always been present. [Yes, this is absolutely related to things like “self-love” and “self-worth”. Understanding your own value it’s a game changer. That journey of self-discovery was not a quick one for me, but I’m grateful for it].

So there I sat, still at my desk and not on the bike. Having realized the difference my question now became, “How could I change my thinking to act as if I was showing up for others when it was just for me?

The answer: my future self. She is someone I haven’t met yet. Her energy, health, well-being, creativity, ability to do things like present and engage and connect and design and everything else – she is who I am responsible to.

Tonight I hop on a plane for in prep for delivering an all-day workshop tomorrow. While standing for 7 hours in front of a room full of strangers, at some point future me will feel a heckuva lot better having ridden the bike for 20 minutes today.

Tugging on my padded bike shorts (super sexy, I know) I was reminded of the old adage, “Do one thing a day that your future self will thank you for.”

This is not new.

What is new, however, is it's application. Most of us have heard that quote before, but how many of us routinely live it? As in, daily?

I’m currently coaching someone who is so far from her ideal that it seems nearly impossible to get there. Nothing in her life has ever shown her that what she is attempting to do for herself IS, in fact, possible.

What she does have is perspective – an understanding that an accumulation of small things over time is what it will take to get where she wants to go. Each night she texts me a list of the things she did that day that her future self will thank her for.

Not just one, but four or five or six… She’s living it. And, it’s working! And I'm incredibly proud of what she's done.

So here’s to showing up. If not for you, for your future self and the way that person will impact the world.

If you're looking to do something for your future self and could use some help, let's connect to see if coaching may be right for you.