October - a Netflix Original Series

The month of October was like binge watching Netflix; each day an episode, the next one seeming to start 30 seconds after the previous one ended. I didn't sleep much, but the series was soooo GOOD!!

October began with an absolutely gorgeous wedding in North Carolina. Standing beside my twin brother as he married his favorite person instantly became one of my favorite life moments. (Also, airbrush makeup is amazing. It's like being photoshopped in real life - crazy stuff.)

The series shifted from wedding to workshops as I traveled to the West Coast for 9 workshops in 6 days in 3 cities. Thank you to UCSD, UCLA, Western Oregon University and the NWIBOA (Northwest Women's Intercollegiate Basketball Officials Association). Portland, you rock for offering up this amazing sunrise on the last episode in Part 1 of the series...

Spoiler Alerts from Part 2 of October included the following:

- "Championship Communication" webinar with the Women's Basketball Coaches Association "30 Under 30" award winners. 

- Being a guest on Jamy Bechler's Podcast "Success is a Choice". It was super fun, Jamy is great, and you can listen to our shenanigans here

- Co-creating a FREE 5 day email experience on "Developing Successful TEAMS" which begins on November 13th. If you've yet to sign up you can do so by clicking here! My partners at Success for Teams have done a great job and over 200 people have already signed up.

And finally, today the Alliance of Women Coaches released the Take 10 Talk I filmed with them on "Effective Communication with Team Leaders".  (Thank you, Megan, for the opportunity and to Mikayla for your videography skills!)

October, you were fantastic. 

November, I can't wait to gobble you up! [obligatory Thanksgiving pun]. 

As always, thanks for reading and have a great rest of your week!

:) Bets