First Class and Thanksgiving

I’m 34 and this week I flew First Class for the first time.
As a Delta employee I get to fly standby on any flight and arrived at the San Diego airport around 10am to start the journey back to Austin. There wasn’t room on the first flight I’d chosen, or on the second, but I was able to get on the 11:57am flight that would connect to Austin through Detroit.
Geography has never been my strong suit, and if it’s not yours either I’ll tell you that halfway through my first flight I pulled up the “Flight Tracker” and realized I was due north of Austin by about 3 states with 1hr and 36 minutes remaining to Detroit.
Efficiency, fail.
I’d left California at 11:57am and would arrive in Austin at 10:25pm. Even with the 2hr time change that’s 7+ hours of travel when a direct flight is roughly 3hrs.
The genius that is modern technology now allows for free texting in flight (so great!) and in regards to my travel day a friend remarked, “You’re very patient and flexible”.  My response to that was, “I’ve found life is more enjoyable that way”.
Because here’s the thing…

Gratitude is a choice.

Today, tomorrow, and every day we get after that.
Gratitude will never “happen” to us. We don’t accidentally become grateful. It’s not something we’re born with; it’s something we learn and something we practice.
I can lament the fact that it took me over twice as long to get home, or I can appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to travel for free AND experience First Class.
Side note about First Class: I could reach my arms out and not touch anyone or anything. Also, they kept bringing me wine. And dark chocolate. A girl could get used to this.
On the topic of gratitude I wanted to take a moment at 36,000 feet to say thank you. If you’re reading this you’ve been part of my journey into entrepreneurship and the unknown – into trusting that what I’m passionate about and what I feel is important is meaningful to others.
As a basketball coach I appreciated the stat line but always valued things that never showed up in the box score. For example: Last year I had 758 website visitors, this year I’ve had 1,501. Those are statistics. The things I have yet to put into communicable metrics are the sentiments and appreciation for the coaches and teams I’ve worked with.

When I can look back at coaching clients who have said, “I’m at risk of being fired” and they’ve kept their job. To the client who said, “Bets… every day I think of killing myself” and today they celebrate Thanksgiving...
I cannot put into words the gratitude I have for those of you who have allowed me to do this work and who've supported my journey.

Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving, and may your day be filled with delicious food and gratitude.

:) Bets