Thank you

As we gained speed along the runway in Atlanta I felt the burning in my eyes increase as well. Like a scene from an overly dramatic romcom the wheels left the ground as the first drop left my eyes. I blinked, and laughed, thankful for the way the dim of the cabin lights hid my tears.

"You sap," I said to myself, wiping the corners of my eyes. While I attributed the tears to fatigue from a busy month the truth was I'd been momentarily overcome with immense gratitude.

I'd just put the finishing touches on the keynote speech that I'll deliver this evening to start Ohio University's Global Coaching Symposium. The 45-minute talk entitled, "Coach, can I talk to you about my playing time?" points to how the reframe I offer athletes ("Coach, how can I improve to help our team improve?") applies to those in the coaching profession.

Largely comprised of stories from my own journey to improve, this talk features humorous insights and important lessons from a career in coaching. And though I've lived each of these moments, writing them down allowed me to fully understand the magnitude of what has been an incredible journey.

It's often difficult to see something clearly while we're in it. Stepping off the court two years ago has given me a greater appreciation for my time in coaching and for the profession as a whole. A perspective that during take-off, overwhelmed me with gratitude.

To the players on this mailing list and to those who will never read this - to those I've coached with and coached against - to the fans who cheered whether we won or lost - to the families who entrusted me with their daughters - to my parents and those who helped support my ability to do the work I loved even when it paid very little - to the coaches who aspire to make a positive impact in the life of another and to those who have positively impacted mine - to those who gave me the opportunity, especially to Heidi...


"UBUNTU: I am because you are"