Waving at Trains

Last week I flew to San Diego for workshops at UCSD - my first return to California since moving to Austin last December.
(Hello, Ocean!! It’s lovely to see you!)
From San Diego I hopped on the Surfliner and took the train up the coast to my parent’s home near Pismo Beach. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “If you never have, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”
Similar to driving south from San Francisco along Highway 1, the Surfliner provides breathtaking costal views from the train’s upper level. Waves, wildflowers, seals, dolphins, surfers…
and children.
Yep. Amazingly adorable children captivated by the train and waving enthusiastically as we roll by. Parents grasping toddlers, hustling across campgrounds to give their little one a front row seat to the majesty that is the train.
I come from a family of Volkswagen owners and when we passed a little girl waving to me from the driver’s seat of her parent’s Westy I thought my heart might explode.
Waving at trains.
Simple. Joyful.
Little humans waving at something much bigger than themselves. Something they never saw coming. Something completely out of their control and yet something that they are so excited to see!
When did we stop waving at trains...?

When did we stop welcoming the thundering somethings that unexpectedly enter our lives? And when did we stop showing our excitement?

Was it the first time an adult who was adultier than us warned, “Well, don’t get too excited” because it was too soon to be “sure” or nothing “official” had happened yet? Or was it more of a slow drip; our innate joy washed away every time we were cautioned to temper our excitement for fear we might feel the full weight of disappointment.
Imagine telling a child, “Oh no, honey, don’t wave just yet. Wait for the next train… it might be bigger".
Children wave at trains because they’re swept up in the magic of the moment. Soon the train will be gone, and who knows when the next one will come. 
Once again the wisdom of children provides the perfect metaphor for life:
Life is short. Don’t wait to get swept up in the magic. May you recklessly and without apology or explanation allow yourself to feel every ounce of excitement.
And may you always, always, wave at trains.
Thank you for reading and for your patience between posts - links to the ACT videos since last time are below and I hope you enjoy a wonderful week ahead!

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With gratitude, 
 Bets :)