The Gift That Only You Can Give

December is here and as days turn cold the warm glow of twinkling lights and holiday spirit fills the air. For me Christmas has always felt like a time for joy, for magic and possibility, and for love.

True to the season, I fell in love this weekend.

With a song.

I was driving along the coast just south of Santa Barbara and moments earlier had my heart squeezed and eyes filled with tears by part of Adele’s new album. (Not a unique experience I’m sure – her lyrics are amazing!) Needing to switch gears, I turned on Spotify and starting listening to a new music playlist. Moments later a baseline took hold of my hands drumming upon the wheel and the part of me previously wrecked by Adele now felt purposeful and strong.

7 dates (repeats) later, it was official. I was in love with Alessia Cara’s “Wild Things”.

Just as falling in love is a convergence of timing and circumstance and a million things we never see coming, my affection for Wild Things was born from reflection on recent events: the mass shooting in San Bernardino, a conversation about religion, an article about open relationships, and a quote a friend shared which says, “See those holding an opposing view as a source from which to learn rather than as a source to which you direct your hate.”

In a world which asks us to be ourselves but then fearfully shames our differences, “Wild Things” gave me a renewed sense of what the Christmas spirit is truly all about, and that is peace.

This holiday season may we gift each other with openness and acceptance. Keep your values and beliefs for they make you who you are – but, if you can, make a little space for those you may not agree with or understand.

“have no apologies for being…”

Cheers to you, wild things.

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