I Had To Own It

"I'm working for my family's business, and you started a business...about yourself!"

Recently a friend and I were musing about how drastically different our lives are from a year ago. A year ago both of us were coaching collegiate basketball and now find ourselves fully engaged in new adventures.

With perfect clarity I can remember the day my twin brother called and told me to check my email. All that week I'd been peppering him with questions as I built the website for "Studio B", my coaching practice at the time.

I opened Chris's email and was paralyzed by what I read. He had bravely done what I never could have at the time. 

The email was from a domain registry site alerting me that betsybutterick.com had been purchased on my behalf.

I called Chris back. "Bro, thank you!  That's very kind of you, but..."

"But it's your name?" He asked.

"Yeah" I sighed.

"Bets, it's what needs to happen." He said knowingly. "YOU are the product. There are thousands of coaches out there, but there's only one you. The experience of working with you is uniquely valuable and you have to own that."

I knew he was right, and both of us knew that I hadn't owned it yet. I did great work - work I truly feel I was born to do, and yet I was incredibly uncomfortable with the work being about me. Thanks to sports I’d been part of a team in some way since age 3 – to make anything about myself at age 31 now felt somewhat selfish, somehow wrong.

That changed when I realized that the fear holding me back was also keeping me from using my gifts in service of others. I was playing it safe, and small, and in doing so I was letting down a team of others I would never meet if I didn’t own every bit of my ability.

“You started a business…about yourself!”

I did.

Six months ago I left a career that I loved, a staff who is family to me, a team I adore, and the stunning beauty of La Jolla, California to step into my own greatness.

As I launch my new website I realized that this business is not about me, but about what I have to give. Butterick Creative Consulting exists because I absolutely love and need to do this work. Betsybutterick.com exists to illustrate the ways in which I serve others. I exist to help people grow and expand and change in ways that support the kind of impact they want to make in the world.