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"Win the Moment: Mental Skills for Uncertain Times" Learn from three exceptional mental skills specialists on what anyone can do in the absence of sport to work on their mental game for future success.

Special thanks to Vera Jo Bustos, Piers Kowalski, and Tami Matheny for your insight and perspective!


"Game on: A Season of Choice" gives coaches and administrators options to shift from what we've lost to creative ways that our teams can leave their unique mark on this challenging time. Explore ways to engage, celebrate and champion our student-athletes while strengthening our teams.


"Sh!t or Shift: the Choice in Change" offers practical tools to move from "going through some sh!t" (which we all are, given the global pandemic) to "growing through some shift" (which we all can, even now). These are the choices we have in change - choose wisely!


Every conversation is an opportunity to create connection. In an increasingly virtual world, our ability to build relationships depends on the quality of our conversations. "Quality Conversations: 5 Ways to Create Stronger Connection" gives you tools for having conversations that strengthen relationships and leave a lasting impact.

From The Bench

From the Bench looks to enhance and grow the game of basketball through conversations with the game's best coaches, athletes, and thought-leaders.

Betsy Butterick is a former college coach, communication specialist, and educator. She discusses communication techniques that could help teams connect now and when we come out of this pandemic.

Communication During Crisis

Thanks for joining us for today’s panel on Communication During Crisis. The coronavirus has created challenges for so many throughout the world and it is my hope that these panel discussions will help those in need.

This isn’t designed to give you the answer to every question you have, instead, it’s designed to have you think deeply about how you can handle this challenging time.


"Get ready to become a better communicator and make sure you have a notebook handy as you listen to this episode with the Coaches' Coach & Communication Specialist, Betsy Butterick".

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