What Questions Do You Have?

A catalyst for improved communication is sharing issues (too often left unspoken) before they become problems. Everyone has questions! Learning how to ask better questions streamlines communication while facilitating learning and development. Want to talk about ways I can help you or your team? All you have to do is ASK!

If you're managing a group or team and sensing tension or unspoken conflict then a Championship Communication Resource Guide may be the answer. The guide allows for issues to surface in a safe and confidential environment and includes issue-specific recommendations for resolution.



Championship Communication Resource Guide

If you want to address issues before they become problems then the best way to start is by creating a communication resource guide specifically designed for your team.

Each team member and coach is given the opportunity to share their most pressing communication issue. It may be how to ask for more playing time or how to have a difficult conversation about a sensitive subject.

All questions and answers are scrubbed for confidentiality, then compiled into a guide with recommendations for resolution to be used as a resource for your team throughout the year.

Championship Communication Resource Guide Pricing


"Addressing issues before they become problems"