Winning with Words: Championship Communication for Coaches


All the features of the CLASSIC EDITION plus a customized 45-minute webinar for your team or organization and a one-on-one coaching session for you. Your competitive advantage starts here! 

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Winning with Words: Championship Communication for Coaches PREMIUM EDITION

$989 (INTRO SPECIAL $789)

PREMIUM features include:

  • Course Introduction
  • The Secret to Winning
  • Winning with Communication Barriers
  • Winning with Individual Student-Athletes
  • Winning with Your Team 
  • Winning with Instructions
  • Winning with Failure & Adversity
  • Winning with Feedback
  • Winning with Difficult Conversations
  • Winning with Individual & Team Meetings
  • Winning with Building Relationships (Recruiting)
  • Winning with Parents
  • Winning with Small Shifts
  • Course Close and Action Steps
  • Worksheets and references to further your development
  • Assessment questions to test your skills
  • Exclusive access to the Ask Betsy online forum
  • Customized 45-minute webinar for your team or organization (choose from from one of five popular topics)
  • One-hour 1:1 coaching session with Betsy on the topic of your choice
YES! Let's Do This!

PREMIUM gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to Championship Communication

This is the option for Coaches who want to improve their communication and bring others along for the ride! Schedule an hour of 1:1 coaching for your personal development, plus choose one of the following webinars for a 45-minute customized experience for your team or organization:

  • CHAMPIONSHIP COMMUNICATION - Improving the success of your program starts with improving communication at all levels of team. Get started with this interactive skill-building session to master the art of communication.
  • LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION - The language of leadership and how to respond instead of react, ask great questions, skillfully navigate difficult conversations, and generate accountability.
  • CONFRONTATION FOR CONNECTION - Collaborative work on how to engage in difficult conversations in a way that builds trust and relationship.
  • RELATING TO TODAY'S STUDENT-ATHLETE - This interactive workshop is designed as a toolkit for coaches to better understand who Generation Z is, so you can more effectively coach them. Participants will learn facts about our nation's youngest generation, then work collaboratively to navigate 8 challenges posed by the way this generation is different from any other.
  • PUSHING PAST POTENTIAL - This workshop is for any team that has the ability to achieve great things, but needs a little help to get there. If you're a Brene Brown fan you'll love the way this workshop asks for vulnerability and courage in service of unrelenting commitment.